Everyone who is interested in serving the community’s greatest need and having fun at the same time is invited to join the Kin Club of Grande Prairie. There is no cost, there are only benefits.

Kin can provide you with…

  • An opportunity to associate with outstanding, involved leaders of the community in an atmosphere of friendship and service.
  • An opportunity for individual and combined participation in many activities for the service of your community and for humanity, as planned for and decided by you and your fellow Kin.
  • Personal leadership development to help you grow as a member and maximize the contribution you are willing and able to make to your club and community.
  • An opportunity to render unselfish personal service in many ways.
  • An opportunity for self-expression and self-evaluation.
  • An opportunity for self-development through the influence of club fellowship and the fulfillment of responsibilities placed on and accepted by you in the club.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of a number of services and benefits negotiated exclusively for members.

You are expected to attend regular club meetings to the best of your ability. You will be expected to contribute as much time as you can afford to the club’s work and social functions. The Kin Club of Grande Prairie meets twice per month.

Through your attendance at activities beyond the club level you will begin to share and appreciate an overall view of the Association and gain a clearer picture of the significance and purpose of the objectives and aims of Kin. These activites may include interclubs, zone and district gatherings, and perhaps even national conventions. While Kin could certainly be considered a club for entertainment and camaraderie, it is not limited to that. It is true that lifelong friendships develop from Kin meetings, but this is considered a by-product – a means to the very worthy end of service.

For more information please e-mail us at

Our mailing address is:

Kin Club of Grande Prairie
PO BOX 404
Station Main
Grande Prairie ,Alberta
T8V 3A5

Coming soon to this page: more member resources.

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